Free RPG Day 2023 is sold out!

Not located in the US? Free RPG Day kits are not sold directly to retailers outside of the United States. Instead we supply them to our international distributors. Retail stores outside the US should inquire with their main game distributor about securing their kits.

NOTE: Kit contents are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Damages or shortages may cause slight modifications to kit contents.

Free RPG Day 2023, 3 Kit Bundle (Save $60!)

$449.99 ea

Sold out

Free RPG Day 2023 Kit

$169.99 ea

Sold out

Attention: These Kits are for Retail Stores only. If you order a kit and we cannot verify that you have a brick and mortar store, you will not be sent a kit and your money will be refunded.

Please enter where you want the product sent as the shipping address.  A 3 kit multi-pack can only go to one address, it cannot be divided and shipped.  If you need kits sent to multiple locations you will need to place separate orders for each shipping location at the one kit price.

After you place your order, your store will be added to the locator based on shipping address. If you need to change or edit your store location you can by logging in with your account that is created after your purchase on the website.

If you have questions or issues regarding the ordering or shipping process, please send an email to

Watch this space for announcements about our 2023 publishing partners. Coming soon!

Why should my store participate in Free RPG Day?

When you sign up for Free RPG Day, you put an event on your calendar that will pack your store with customers.

Each Free RPG Day kit you purchases contains new & exclusive products to run the ultimate RPG Day at your business, with exclusive new adventures for RPGs to be played at your store and exciting giveaways for your customers.

The contents of the kits may be provided free to any customer or may be given away as part of a “free with purchase” promotion. However, under no circumstances are stores allowed to sell the contents outright.

This event sells out every year, and many stores are turned away trying to get kits last minute. Don’t delay! We will sell out again!

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Sign Up Deadline is May 31st 2023

(While supplies last)