Pathfinder Adventure: Little Trouble in Big Absalom

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Pathfinder Adventure: Little Trouble in Big Absalom

Always living in the shadows is hard when you’re a clever and regal creature like a kobold. Now it’s time to make a name for yourself and bring honor and prestige to your clan. In Little Trouble in Big Absalom, you take on the role of one of five kobolds from the Hookclaw clan tasked with exploring a treasure-laden vault discovered by a team of Hookclaw diggers.

Enticed by the potential wealth, the kobolds brave terrible dangers in what turns out to be a *spoiler* before being asked by the kind old lady to retrieve her magical hedge trimmer from a neighbor’s garden.

Little Trouble in Big Absalom includes two mini adventures that can be played back to back or alone—filling as much or as little time as you have for madcap adventure. In addition, the five pregenerated kobold characters provide a preview of the upcoming Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide in this exciting offering for Free RPG Day! Grab some dice and some friends and play the role of determined kobolds!

Join in the fun and grab a copy of Paizo’s Free RPG Day offerings while supplies last. These special adventures were created specifically for Free RPG Day 2020. The print editions will be available for sale and free PDF downloads will be available on 30 days after FreeRPG Day.

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