Kids on Brooms, Overlight, and Junior Braves Survival Guide


Overlight is a fantasy roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic journeys: a visceral, dangerous, and brightly-colored setting. Characters will search for personal meaning among a fantastic, sometimes violent, and overwhelming world. 

The Lost Spire of Tziuhquatl is an adventure is meant to challenge the players not only with a mystery, but also the sense that someone important to their characters may be in great danger. If you already own the Overlight Core Rulebook, you can dive right into this new adventure, but if you’re entirely new to Overlight, you can skip ahead to the “Overlight Quick Start”rules at the back of this booklet, which will provide you with everything you need to get started in this exciting setting!

Kids on Brooms

You pull your wand from the folds of your cloak, and its glowing blue end illuminates the door in front of you—the entrance to the banned books section. You watch as the copper snakes twist and turn around the lock that keeps students like you out. But you’ve been left with no choice. Your barn owl hoots softly upon your shoulder as you raise your wand to the knob and whisper the unspoken words.

Kids on Brooms is a collaborative role-playing game about taking on the life of a witch or wizard at a magical school you all attend- a place full of mystery, danger, and thrilling adventure. From dealing with strict professors to facing down mythical beasts, players will get the opportunity to ride brooms, brew potions, and cast powerful magic as they uncover the incredible secrets their school and its inhabitants hold. Using the Free RPG Day Quickstart guide, players can build characters and jump into building their own world for a magical adventure!

Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse

In the Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse game, you take the roles of Junior Braves – young scouts who are learning outdoors skills, good citizenship, and teamwork. They return home to find some sort of doomsday event has brought civilization as they knew it to an end. Now they must work together with other survivors to find safety, confront their enemies, overcome obstacles, and forge some semblance of normalcy again. 

Based on the Junior Braves of the Apocalypse graphic novel series and the easy-to-learn Kids on Bikes system, this Quickstart Adventure will introduce you to the basic rules of the game, allowing you to play through a quick scenario.