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Retailer Signups

The cost of signing up covers the shipping and handling of new, never-before-seen RPG products to be given away at your store, in addition to an in-store poster.


    We will NOT send out materials to any store providing a residential address or P.O. Box. This event is for brick-and-mortar retailers only. FRD gives consumers the opportunity and reason to come into their local game store with the hopes they will be playing and buying games from you!
  • Retailers in the United States will receive their shipment from Impressions direct, while retailers outside the United States can either order through their favorite hobby game distributor (to be shipped through that distributor's freight forwarder), or purchase from us directly with their own U.S. freight forwarder.
  • Impressions is not responsible for sponsors' products that may not make it into the kits at the time of the event. Each participating publisher's commitment is barring no problems with printing, shipping or other unforeseen factors.

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Still have questions? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions Page for Retailers!

Retailer Submission Form (US Retailers only)
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  • Please make sure you order no more than SIX (6) total kits as this is the limit per store location.
  • Learn about Standard Kits
  • Learn about Uber Kits
  • By checking this box, I agree to abide by the spirit of Free RPG Day by giving away at least one of the kit items of my choosing to any patron (or single grouped family) walking into the store and asking for one on the day of the event. I also agree not to sell any of the items in the kit (online or over-the-counter) nor require any in-store purchase to obtain an item from the kit; whether on the day of the event or any other day.

Problems with anything? Contact us!

Standard and Uber Kits

Standard kits contain all the freebies listed by the sponsors on the home page for you to have exactly what you need to run the event.

Uber Kits provide products you can sell!
If you have a heavy RPG crowd at your store, make more money with our Uber Kits. Uber kits include core products from many of the Free RPG Day publishers at a great 60% off MSRP. Not only does this mean a larger profit margin for you the day of the event, but it also guarantees you have at least one copy on shelf to sell after a demo! Uber Kits include the standard kit plus ONE of each of the following for you to sell at distributor discount levels:
  • GMG5070 DCC RPG Core Book ($40 MSRP)
  • GMG5557 5th Edition Fantasy “Fantastic Encounters ($10 MSRP)
  • LFP1003 Lamentations of the Flame Princess Core Book ($25 MSRP)
  • PELGOC01 Cthulhu Confidential RPG ($45 MSRP)
  • S9G10010 Midnight Legion Adventure Book ($25 MSRP)
  • TLG19301 5E Mystical Companions ($40 MSRP)

Resources for Retailers

Download our Free RPG Day 2018 Logo as a .jpg file or as a zipped Photoshop file)! Use them for internal store flyers, calendars and websites. Use freely and link back to If you need the logo without the year on it, click here to get one.